Three Detox Fads….Great Way to a Whole Body Detox or Dangerous Trend?

You see them all over TV and the internet. “The only way to detox is the new blah blah blah.” They claim to be the latest and greatest in your body detox program, but are they actually worth it? Learn about some of the greatest fads in natural body detox today and if they are […]

Body Detox Wrap: Skin is in

In today’s health conscious world, it has become a necessity more than a luxury to keep your body in perfect shape and condition, body detoxification has shown several benefits that help you do the same. It is a method by which the toxins that enter out body through various sources are flushed out. Body detoxification […]

Things You Should Know About a Body Detox Plan

A body detox plan is not only a good method of losing weight, but an excellent way to rid your body of toxins as well. These toxins are substances that are harmful to the body and which have accumulated over a long period of time. If losing weight has ever been a problem for you, […]